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Scheelite Flotation

Scheelite flotation is generally divided into: roughing and cleaning.Roughing is usually carried out at room temperature, mainly using the alkaline medium-fatty acid method.Cleaning mainly includes room temperature method and heated method (also known as Petrov's method). After obtaining low-grade rough concentrate, heating the slurry for desliming can obtain high-grade scheelite concentrate. 

Molybdenum Flotation

Molybdenite (MoS2), with a molybdenum (Mo) content of 60%, has good natural floatability and can be easily floated with non-polar oil, or even just with foaming agents. However, there are also refractory molybdenite ores that are difficult to float. Research has shown that molybdenite with larger lattice spacing is more difficult to float. For difficult-to-float molybdenite, it has been found that copper ions can be adsorbed at the crystal edges, so yellow drugs can be added to enhance its flotation by acting as collectors.

Copper Flotation

Flotation columns are mainly used in the scavenging operation of copper ore flotation recovery, usually replacing 2-3 stages of scavenging with a single-stage flotation column. From successful case studies in mines around the world, it can be seen that after using flotation columns instead of flotation machines in scavenging, the concentrate grade and recovery rate have been improved to varying degrees. 

Other Metal Mine

The unique bubble generator of the flotation column produces a large number of fine bubbles instantly by bursting high-pressure gas through the nozzle. In addition to significant advantages in mineral recovery at fine particle size (50~5 micrometers) compared to traditional flotation equipment, inflatable flotation column also has features such as low energy consumption, small footprint, and high equipment operating rate. 

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