clean stored energy

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No limited,and more discout we will offer for your larger order.

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● Product

This needs to be judged from two aspects. 

1. Flotation time: the flotation column has high separation efficiency and is suitable for the process with high flotation speed. If the floating speed of the target minerals is slow and the flotation time of a single operation is more than 30 minutes, we think it is not applicable. 

2. The monomer dissociation degree of the target mineral. If the monomer dissociation degree of the target mineral in the flotation process is low, we think it is not applicable.

However, this is not absolute and needs to be analyzed as per actual situation.

P507 has more alkyl than P204, so the acidity of P507 is weaker than that of P204, and the extraction capacity of P204 is higher than that of P507. However, the acidity of P507 is weak, so it is suitable for extraction and back extraction at low acidity, which has great advantages in the separation of rare earth.

● Customization

We can print your brand info etc on the equipment.

Yes,it can be customized as per your request.Welcome to let us know your idea ,then we will finish the design and send it for your confirmation,after that production will be followed.