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Preparability tests

Preparability tests were used in the process of geological exploration, estimating whether mineralresources have development value. On the basis of technical process and indexes,qualitatively judging the technical and economic feasibility of resource development, lowering investment risk. Preparability tests were conducted at first stage of exploitation of mineral resources.

Technical process tests

On the basis of determination of beneficiability and development values of the ore, conducting detail beneficiation tests. Determining the parameters needed in ore dressing plant design, which satisfied the requirements of technical process design and equipment selection for designing institute, determining the optimum technical parameters. The experimental report can used for preparing environmental assessment and safety assessment report. Technical process tests were conducted at second stage of exploitation of mineral resources.

Flotation Experts Team Support

We have a professional team which have abundant experience in dealing with technical problems occurred in mine and beneficiation plant, such as Xiaosigou Copper beneficiation plant,  Shizhuyuan 3000t/d beneficiation plant.

By means of process investigation, chemical analysis, phase analysis and microscopic detection, the root causes of the problems in the field are found, and scientific and reasonable solutions are provided for the study of mineral processing technology, so as to improve production targets or reduce production costs and enhance the profitability of enterprises.


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