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  • Scheelite Flotation

Scheelite Flotation

Comparison Test of Flotation Column and Flotation Machine

We take the comprehensive recovery of scheelite from molybdenum tailings of a certain company as an example to explain why the inflatable flotation column is better.The below result shows it can be concluded that the concentrate grade and recovery rate of the flotation column test system are superior to those of the flotation machine, especially the recovery rate has increased by about 20 percentage points, indicating a significant improvement in performance.(flotation column's Recovery rate is 82% Vs 63.37% and Tailing Grade is 0.015% Vs 0.0397%)

Jupiter flotation for Scheelite

  • Fine particle size

    The white tungsten in this ore has a fine particle size distribution,and in the 50-10 micron size range, the recovery effect of the flotation column is significantly better.        

  • Processing Capacity

    The processing capacity of the flotation column per unit volume of pulp is much higher than that of the flotation machine, about three times higher.

  • High-pressure Gas

    It uses high-pressure gas to generate fine bubbles with higher temperature,which can enhance the dispersion of flotation reagents, especially fatty acid-type collectors.

  • More Micro bubbles

    The number of bubbles in the flotation column is much higher than that of the flotation machine, resulting in a higher probability of contact between the target minerals and the bubbles.

  • Kinetic Flotation K

    The continuous action of bubbles and micro-nano bubbles significantly enhances the kinetic flotation rate constant K,which can enhance the aggregation of hydrophobic particles.

  • Higher Recovery Rate

    Under the same conditions,the recovery rate of flotation column has increased by nearly 20 percentage points.fully demonstrating the strong adaptability of the flotation column to white tungsten ore.

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