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  • Other Metal Flotation

Other Metal Flotation

Flotation of other metal mine

The application field of inflatable flotation column has rapidly expanded,including not only common molybdenum, tungsten, copper, and copper-molybdenum separation,but also newly developed application fields as "Comprehensive recovery of sulfur (pyrite)","Mixed flotation of molybdenum and bismuth","Copper-molybdenum separation" and "Deinking of waste paper"etc.

Jupiter flotation for other metal

  • Recovery of sulfur

    Client adopt our flotation column to operate for 1 year,recovery rate increased by 1.5%,electricity consumption decreased by 2kWh/t,solved problem of problem of sulfur overflow.

  • Olybdenum&Bismuth

    Client used our flotation columns for desulfurization and mixed flotation of molybdenum and bismuth. it has been running stably with excellent indicators,meeting the design targets.

  • Copper-Molybdenum

    Client adopt our flotation columns,after transformation,grade of molybdenum concentrate increased from 36% to 46.5%, and the recovery rate increased from about 65% to over 72%,

  • Deinking of waste paper

    Beijing Forestry University adopt our column in this field;The pulp after deinking with flotation column has high whiteness, meeting the requirements of regeneration.

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