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JEF-150 laboratory flotation column to Congo

Author: administrators    |    Apr 26 , 2022


JEF-150 laboratory flotation column

A mining company in the Democratic Republic of Congo has purchased a set of JEF-150 experimental flotation column from Jupiter Mining for flotation research.

Our company has developed a dual mode at the experimental flotation column, aiming at the large experiment ore of flotation column. In the circulation mode, the sample consumption of flotation column test can be significantly reduced, and the difficult of flotation column condition experiment can be solved. 

This type of experimental flotation column has the characteristics of good separation index, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high automation, and is especially suitable for experiment and research. It can be set up independently or in combination. The flotation process can change rapidly with different ores selected.

The inventor of theexperimental flotation column is the academic leader of our company and has rich experience in the application of flotation columns. In recent years, Jupiter Mining has continuously improved various technologies of the experimental flotation column, and has gained a good reputation among customers. The main advantages are as follows:

1. Customized processing and production, configuration can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

2. The bubble sparger of the new experimental flotation column is made of special materials. The column is added with a foam stabilizing device. The gas capacity in the column is increased from 5% to 10%, and the bubble diameter is reduced from millimeter to micrometer. The collision probability between target mineral and bubble is increased, and the ore dressing recovery is improved.

3. According to the characteristics of the flotation column test, we independently developed a special liquid level sensor for the test flotation column. This sensor detects the liquid level accurately. With the help of the PLC control system, we can quickly adjust the pulp liquid level to the set value within 15 seconds, which reduces the difficulty of the experiment and also improves the flotation index.

4. The world's top gas flow meter is used, with accurate control and detection.

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