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  • Flotation Column


Laboratory flotation column JSYF-150

Experimental flotation column /Flotation column for test

  • Generate Micro bubbles
  • "Gas volume fraction" in pulp reached 10%.
  • Adjust the height of froth layer as fast as 15 seconds.
  • Accurately guide industrial production


An ideal tool for evaluating the flotation characteristics of various coal,copper,Scheelite,Molybdenum and mineral feeds.

1;Introduction of Laboratory flotation column:

    Laboratory flotation column is a test equipment developed to popularize industrial aerated flotation column. Its principle is consistent with that of industrial flotation column. Equipped with micro bubble sparger, liquid level automatic control system etc. The test process has the advantages of convenient operation, control&adjust slurry liquid level in 15 seconds, less samples required for the test, reliable test results and so on. It is especially suitable for experimental research. It can be tested alone or combined with several sets, which can meet the test requirements of different ore properties.

2,Configuration list:

This Laboratory flotation column comes in different sizes from 60mm to 200mm,also could be customized as per requirement.Its package includes the following features: “Electric, peristaltic feed and tailings pumps”, "a liquid level sensor system(include float and sensor etc)" ,"a Air supply control system(including air flow meter and air sparger) for control of micro bubble","a Water supply system" ,"PLC system for automatic pulp level and air feed maintenance". 

3;Introduction of main parts:

a;Bubble sparger:It's made of special alloy material,which can generate uniform micro bubble,to make sure the stable flotation process, and  mineralization effect is good.

b;Liquid level sensor:It is independently developed. The sensor accurately detects the liquid level. Combined with the PLC control system, the slurry level can be quickly stabilized to the set value within 15 seconds, which not only reduces the difficulty of the test, but also improves the separation index.

c;Water system can reduce the entrainment amount of foam impurities, increase the concentration ratio of beneficiation, and improve the concentrate grade.

Technical Parameters

ModelMin Feed
Max Feed    (L/min)


Feed Size

Note:The height of column(continuous mode) is preset 2,000mm,which also can be adjusted according to the actual 

test requiruements.

1;Project pictures:

We currently have cooperation with some copper mining companies (e.g. Jiangxi Copper Corporation), research institutes (e.g. Chinese Academy of Sciences) and other institutions (e.g. Jinchuan Group, Yantai Gold Vocational College) for our laboratory flotation column; below are relevant project photos.



2;The history of flotation column:

Jupiter is the first company in China to develop Laboratory flotation column,our 4th Generation is with the latest technology and can provide best performance as regard to Liquid level control,gas flow control and  micro bubbles.For more information,please contact us freely,Thanks.

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